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I had never encountered any problems for one year I have been using collocation services at Omadata Data Center. Having friendly support and adequate data center facilities are the success key of my confidence in using Omadata's services.

PT Naraya Telematika

Good communication & good standard equipment that provides comfort to us in setting up the server in Omadata. Other than that we always get the maximum support in conducting activities in Omadata.

David Santoso

As the development of our portal with millions of visitors monthly, we need data center infrastructure that supports our future growth and freedom of physical access to the server for weekly backup.

Dani Anjaya

First impression, I was immediately fallen in love, though fairly young age in the neighborhood of the city of Surabaya. As an entrepreneur in technology especially in cloud services, I felt that the service of Omadata has help me a lot and categorized as a premium service in Surabaya today as a data center.

Rudy Setiawan

Omadata Datacenter has helped us a lot in getting our hosting infrastructure up and running in Indonesia. Their customer service has proven to be the highest/best quality among the other data centers that we've been in Indonesia.

Onno W. Purbo

Frankly speaking, Omadata is the first data center that I saw outside of Jakarta city. The seriousness of providing and installing data center is visible from a range of facilities being offered by Omadata. Even big telco providers have put their ports in OmadataHopefully, Omadata is able to make colleagues in the region, especially in Eastern part of Indonesia, enjoy fast data services.